Kids love clowns, but many are afraid to approach or get close to clowns. Louise wanted to design a pretty and friendly clown that children felt safe approaching. It turned out, adults love Carla’s act at least as much as the kids who jumped for joy when Carla arrived. Louise always had the natural ability to make people laugh. But after dressing up as a clown and performing birthday gigs for her family members, people started to tell her “You could make a living doing this!”

Carla has come a long way in the entertainment business. Carla’s first job was delivering balloons for $10, and the recipient got much more than a delivery to say the least. Louise’s math was never the best, and she later found the florist charges $9.99 for the balloons. Louise always had a passion for entertaining, and after 25 years of being Carla she still loves to bring joy to people. Over the years Carla has performed gigs varying from veterans’ hospital events, hosted an elementary school talent show, appeared on national TV, annual festivals within the county, and toasting business executives and other luminary type people. There have been numerous radio, print, and local TV publications featuring Carla on her passion for entertaining people and love for children. Most often, people are return customers because she turns a simple party gathering into a great memory.