Joy is so very important in life. It exists within an accomplishment, such as a graduation, or other causes for celebration such as birthdays, anniversaries, or reunions. But it is especially important for those who fight a much tougher battle than most of us, such as kids diagnosed with serious injury or illness. Carla genuinely enjoys entertaining, but it brings her true happiness to know she has comforted someone’s life through joy.

Carla the Clown performs a comedic toast as opposed to a roast. Her act is similar to that of Phyllis Diller or Lucille Ball as Carla might make fun of herself. Carla will pay someone a compliment rather than play a trick on them. Just like someone can’t imitate the humor supplied by Lucy in “I Love Lucy”: Carla’s act is so unique that it simply cannot be duplicated.

Carla provides party favors which always pertain to love and friendship, i.e. friendship bracelets, “Carla the Clown Loves Me” stickers, or heart shaped lollipops. The guest(s) of honor receives several personalized gifts (many of which are made by Carla) pertaining to their interests, occupation, or occasion. Carla performs at any occasion thirsty for laughter and joy, including but not limited to: birthdays of all ages, festivals, hospital events, charitable events, senior centers, school functions, and nursing homes.

Carla has a desire to get her character to a larger audience because she has a true passion for kids and to help teach them through her distinctive humor to have a wholesome attitude towards each other and adults. She always finds a way to demonstrate kind behavior through her performance.